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Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System by Establishing Oil Database (Kolarctic Project)

Storvik Consult was one of the partners in the project “Enhancement of Oil Spill Response System by Establishing Oil Database” funded by the Kolarctic ENPI CBC Programme 2007-2013

Econet Group

Econet Group – Water and Waste Water Specialists

Land remediation in Krasnoe

Land remediation from oil products in the water protection area of the Northern Dvina River of White Sea basin near the settlement Krasnoe of the Primorsky District of the Arkhangelsk region

Oil wells at Voivozhskoe field

As commissioned by the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation (NEFCO) Storvik Consult conducted a preliminary concept study for remediation of oil wells at the Voivozhskoye oil field in the Komi Republic (Timan – Pechora Province).

Mapping of oil-polluted lands in Arkhangelsk

As commissioned by NEFCO, Storvik Consult has conducted a preliminary study of activities aimed at collection, registration and processing of data on land areas polluted with oil and other harmful substances in the Russian part of the Barents region

Oil spill response system

Storvik Consult has conducted a study to determine the priority areas and measures to improve the Russian National Arctic Oil Spill Response System

Regional pre-investment studies

Storvik Consult was given the assignment to develop pre-investment studies for 5-8 selected Investment Projects.