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Dismantling of nuclear-powered submarines

Customer: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway
Project duration: 2003 – December 2009

Project: Since 2003 Storvik Consult as a contractor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway has been an active stakeholder in the dismantling of multipurpose nuclear-powered submarines (NPS) decommissioned from the Naval Fleet of the Russian Federation.

In total during this period 4 Viktor-class NPSs and 1 November-class NPS were dismantled at the Shiprepair Centre Zvezdochka (Arkhangelsk Region) and the Nerpa Shipyard (Murmansk Region) to the three- and single-compartment units. The last NPS dismantling project – November class NPS 291 – was implemented at the Nerpa Shipyard with the joint financing from Norway and the UK.

Role in the project: Storvik Consult contributed to these projects by carrying out the pre-contractual negotiations and placing the contracts with the ship-repair yards of the Northwest Russia, by monitoring documentation development and supervising physical dismantling works in compliance with the programme, budget and regulatory requirements, as well as monitoring environmental safety measures.