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Andreeva Bay Remediation

Customer: Nuvia Limited, UK
Project duration: December 2002 - March 2012

Project: Andreeva Bay is a former coastal technical maintenance base of the USSR Naval Fleet established in 1960s for storage of fresh and spent nuclear fuel (SNF), solid radioactive waste (SRW) and liquid radioactive waste (LRW) arising from nuclear-powered submarines and icebreakers.

Since 2002 within the framework of the Global Partnership Programme the work has been underway at Andreeva Bay to develop the strategy and infrastructure for safe, reliable and cost-effective handling of SNF, LRW and SRW for remediation of the facility. The UK financed demolition of the old buildings and the crane, capital refurbishment of the administrative building, establishment of the laboratory, construction and equipment of shelters for manufacture of containers, construction of a maintenance and repair workshop with a decontamination station, commissioning of an ASKRO system, design of a fuel retrieval building, improvement of radiological environment over the dry storage units, which make it possible to proceed with the construction of a fuel retrieval building.

Role in the project: Storvik Consult was a subcontractor to the British company Nuvia Limited which was the project manager on behalf of the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change. Storvik Consult’s experts monitored the development of design and cost estimate documentation, supervised physical works on site, coordinated the works between the British and Russian stakeholders, and provided the necessary administrative and practical support to the customer at the local level.