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BusinessOulu (from ONS Norway)

ONS NORWAY 2013 – BusinessOulu participated at Storvik & Co AS’s Arctic Europe stand at the exhibition in Stavanger in August 2013.

"In northern Finland we think that the growth is on the horizon the next few years in nearby areas of Norway, Sweden and Finland, investments in oil, gas and mining industries. In part, this market is open infrastructure for our expertise in global growth opportunities. It is important to develop the competitiveness of Oulu’s ICT industry’s know-how” says Jukka Olli, the Senior Advisor, Business Development at BusinessOulu. This exhibition is an excellent way to enter this marketplace.

The following companies participated at ONS Norway 2013 with Business Oulu: Blastman Robotics Ltd., Capricode Ltd, Ten-Insulation Ltd (10E) Ltd, SteelDone Ltd. and SWECO Industry Oy. In addition, the Barents Center Finland, Enersense International Ltd, Kokkolanseudun Kehitys Oy and  Rovaniemen Kehitys Oy participated in the trade fair.